The Chin National Front & Army

The Chin National Front was formed on the 20th of March 1988 and dedicated to securing the self-determination of the Chin people and to establish federal Union of Burma based on democracy and freedom. The Chin National Front firmly believes that the military dictatorship that enslaves the Chin people must be uprooted by the strength of solidarity of the Chin people. When freedom, justice, and equality can prevail and a democratic country is established, based on power from the people and guaranteeing national self-determination, then can a peaceful, prosperous and developed country come into being.

It is the conviction of the Chin National Front that freedom and sovereignty are national rights of the Chin and the people of Chinland, that solidarity of the Chin and the people of Chinland is the strength of the Chin National Front, and that we are waging a just war since we are struggling to defend our national identity from annihilation and to get a genuine lasting peace.

– The Chin National Front is not based on a class of people, a religious belief, a region or an ideology but is working for implementation of the ideal of the Chin people. The Chin National Front welcomes and invites any nation, state, organization, and individuals to join in the effort to restore democracy, freedom and federalism in the Union of Burma.

– The Chin National Front is a member of the National Democratic Front (NDF) that comprising of non-Burman nationalities, was formed in 1976 with the aims to establish a federal union that suites the ideals of the nationalities and practices a democratic system based on equality and self-determination. The Chin National Front is one of the members and is actively involving in the implementation of the NDF’s aims and objectives.

– The Chin National Front is a member of the Democratic Alliance of Burma which aims to restore democracy, freedom, and establish federal union. the Democratic Alliance of Burma was formed on November 14, 1988 by 18 democratic forces.

– The Chin National Front is a member of the National Council of the Union of Burma (NCUB). The NCUB is, an alliance of the National Democratic Front, Democratic Alliance of Burma, National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma, and National League for Democracy (Liberated Area), was formed in 1992 with the aims to restore democracy, freedom, and establish genuine federal union. NUCB is a member of Council of Asian Liberals and Democrat.

The Chin National Front is a member of the Un-represented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO), which is a democratic, international membership organization. Its members are indigenous peoples, occupied nations, minorities and independent states or territories who have joined together to protect their human and cultural rights, preserve their environments, and to find non-violent solutions to conflicts which affect them. UNPO provides a legitimate and established international forum for member aspirations and assists its members in effective participation at an international level.

The Chin National Front became a signatory of the Geneva Call by signing Deed of Commitment on July 31, 2006. Geneva Call is an international humanitarian organization dedicated to engaging armed none-state actors in mine-ban action. It provides a mechanism, complementary to the Convention on the prohibition of the use, stockpiling, production and transfer of anti-personnel mines and on their destruction (the Ottawa Convention), which can only be signed by State actors.

The Chin National Army is a military wing of the Chin National Front. The Chin National Army strictly apply modified “Geneva Military Code of Conduct” and other international military norms and codes. The Chin National Army provides security for the Chin National Front to implement restoration of democracy, Chin self-determination, and establishment of federal union of Burma to end ethnopolitical conflict and constitutional crisis in the Union of Burma.