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The Chin National Front (CNF) was formed on 20 March, 1988, dedicated to securing the self-determination of the Chin people, to restore democracy, and to establish federal Union of Burma.

The Union of Burma has been ruled by illegitimate military regimes that have suppressed all peaceful demands for democratic political change since 1962. The regimes have not only violated the basic canons of democracy, freedom, and human rights, but have also denied the Chin people to enjoy the right of self-determination to promote, protect and preserve the Chin national identities and Chin national interests through peaceful political life.

The Chin National Front welcomes and invites any peace, freedom, and democracy loving nation, organization, and individuals to join in the effort to regain Chin self-determination, restore democracy, freedom and establish federalism in the Union of Burma.

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I & P Department
Chin National Front
General Headquarters


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